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Jenni Rutonen Design

Jenni Rutonen Design is a lifestyle jewellery brand that creates pieces for people who dare to be themselves.  Stories, nature, memories and experiences live vividly in JRD's jewellery. Different encounters become interwoven, making each person wearing the jewellery part of this shared story. The pieces are mainly large and prominent silver jewellery that are meant to be seen and bring joy to the person wearing them. The brand considers it important to manufacture jewellery that stands out from the rest and looks striking on those wearing it. The company aims to grow and is serious about entering the international market. 'As a brand, we want to stand out as ourselves. We're not trying to imitate anyone but, instead, dare to be exactly what we want to be!'

Welcome to the world of JRD. It is also your world. You are the jewellery.

The stories behind the jewellery

The stories come from a life lived, including snapshots of childhood, past experiences and memories. They embrace nature and human beings. Finns have been known to be people of the forest, but not forest-dwellers. The stories reflect different encounters throughout life, droplets of time so bright that they must be captured in metal for everyone to access. Dare to be yourself. You are the jewellery.


You Are the Jewellery. You are more valuable than any diamond and shine brighter than gold. You are the outcome of unique and wondrous coincidences and shine brightly upon us. You stand tall, on your own feet, not only accepting yourself – but loving your own, one-of-a-kind personality. Your clothes, the colour of your hair, your past and your future are but a shadow of what you are now. Pure and true, strong and unique. Your jewellery is not what makes you – You are what makes you, and your jewellery will shout it to the world.

About the designer

Jenni Rutonen is a Finnish jewellery designer who is strongly living out her vision. She is a joyous and positive ambivert. An exotic Finn with tremendously long hair brought up on stories. She was meant to become a biologist but was swept away by jewellery design and has never lived to regret her choice. Even as a young girl, it became clear to Jenni that she was somehow different from others; it came up everywhere, from club activities to school and later studies, and she tried to fight it for a long time until finally learning to accept it. Once she realised it, she began to take on the world. In fact, being different has become the driving force, a motor that keeps pushing her forward both in her career and her life. It has become the driving force of the entire brand. Dare to be yourself. You are the jewellery.

'When I was young, I tried my best to fit in, to be just like everyone else. Now I'm wondering why. I no longer wish to be like everyone else...Anyone can be somebody else, but only I can be who I am. Being yourself is the great challenge of life. Dare to fulfil yourself and never give up. There is unique beauty in all of us.'

Philosophy behind the jewellery 

Every piece of jewellery was made to be worn. Without someone to wear it, jewellery will be nothing more that the material it was made of.  Lifeless, unnecessary. It will only come alive once it is put on, worn. The function of jewellery is to be worn, what it communicates to each person wearing it is a personal matter. Jewellery conceals a life lived, memories, experiences. Pieces of jewellery are given as gifts, people buy them for themselves, they are part of one's personality or mere adornment, status symbols. They belong to all of us and are intended to be worn. Jewellery is part of humanity and the cultural heritage of the entire human race. Jewellery even precedes written language, and there will be jewellery for as long as there are people.

Wear your jewellery with courage, whatever the piece may be. You are the jewellery.

Rutonen's jewellery has been showcased at New York Fashion Week as part of the fashion show of Ivana Helsinki (2013), at the international Tripple Parade jewellery carnival of 2015 (China, Belgium, Finland) as well as at the Presidential Finnish Independence Day reception already for four years. The company was established in February 2012.