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About the designer

Jenni Rutonen is a Finnish jewellery designer who is strongly living out her vision. She is a joyous and positive ambivert. An exotic Finn with tremendously long hair brought up on stories. She was meant to become a biologist but was swept away by jewellery design and has never lived to regret her choice. 

Even as a young girl, it became clear to Jenni that she was somehow different from others; it came up everywhere, from club activities to school and later studies, and she tried to fight it for a long time until finally learning to accept it. Once she realised it, she began to take on the world. In fact, being different has become the driving force, a motor that keeps pushing her forward both in her career and her life. It has become the driving force of the entire brand. Dare to be yourself. You are the jewellery.

When I was young, I tried my best to fit in, to be just like everyone else. Now I'm wondering why. I no longer wish to be like everyone else...Anyone can be somebody else, but only I can be who I am. Being yourself is the great challenge of life. Dare to fulfil yourself and never give up. There is unique beauty in all of us.

Rutonen's jewellery has been showcased at New York Fashion Week as a part of the fashion show of Ivana Helsinki (2013), at the international Tripple Parade jewellery carnival of 2015 (China, Belgium, Finland) as well as at the Presidential Finnish Independence Day reception already for four years. The company was established in February 2012.