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Every piece of jewellery was made to be worn.

Without someone to wear it, jewellery will be nothing more that the material it was made of.  Lifeless, unnecessary. It will only come alive once it is put on, worn. The function of jewellery is to be worn, what it communicates to each person wearing it is a personal matter.

Jewellery conceals a life lived, memories, experiences. Pieces of jewellery are given as gifts, people buy them for themselves, they are part of one's personality or mere adornment, status symbols. They belong to all of us and are intended to be worn.

Jewellery is part of humanity and the cultural heritage of the entire human race. Jewellery even precedes written language, and there will be jewellery for as long as there are people.

Wear your jewellery with courage, whatever the piece may be.


You are the Jewellery.